2017’s Top Hacks and Data Breaches

2017 was a year teeming with hacks and data breaches. Our solutions are all-encompassing. That is we build comprehensive, realistic, effective IT solutions that solve our clients’problems. HackRead takes us for a stroll down memory lane. Relive what hacks and data breaches occurred.   https://www.hackread.com/2017-top-hacks-data-breaches/


2017 is over, but memories of some of the biggest hacking and data breach related incidents will haunt victims for a long time. Today, we will be highlighting biggest hacking incidents of 2017 including malware attacks leading to ransomware infection or a simple email that turned out to be a phishing email and stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting users and businesses.

These incidents also involve those which took place in the last few years but announced in 2017. So brace yourself.


In July 2017, the consumer credit reporting agency Equifax suffered a massive data breach in which personal data of 143 million Americans were stolen. This means over 40% of the entire population of the United States had their personal information stolen.

The stolen data includes names, birthdays, addresses, driver license numbers, credit card data and including social security numbers (SSNs). The company only announced the incidents to the victims and media on September 8th.


Yahoo is often in the news for wrong reseasons and on October 4th, 2017 the company announced it suffered a cyber attack in which hacker stole 3 billion user accounts in August 2013. This means each and every Yahoo user had their Yahoo email and password stolen.


2017 was a bad year for Home Box Office (HBO) thanks to an alleged Iranian hacker who stole a massive trove of company’s data including unreleased episodes of Game of Thrones, Curb your Enthusiasm and Insecure etc.

The hacker also stole personal data from HBO’s Viviane Eisenberg, the Network’s Executive Vice President Legal Affairs and ended up leaking it online. The data included emails and plain-text passwords for her social media, bank, work and university accounts.

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