Expertise and experience to prepare your organization for a successful audit.

IT Audit Preparation & Remediation

Infrastructure Risk Assessment interconnected security assetsAs organizations plan for their annual audit, whether it be SOC, ISO, HITRUST, PCI or any other audit, there is typically a period of ‘audit preparation’. Adsero Security assists in audit preparation efforts by conducting a comprehensive review of your company’s current security policies, procedures, networks, systems and technology to provide you with an organized gap assessment report that will allow you to remediate any gaps or requirements prior to your next on-site audit to ensure you are more than ready to show proof of evidence and answer any auditor question no matter how in-depth or how minimal.

Organizations more often than not do not have the time to source audit preparation efforts with existing staff due to current departments and team members already working on other deliverables, projects and lights-on tasks. Adsero Security provides staff augmentation to help you source those audit remediation or preparation projects. We will work closely with your departments to ensure all audit scope items and areas are up to par prior to the auditors being on-site. On the backside of an audit we provide remediation services so that we can remediate any needed corrective plans/actions/tasks upon delivery of the final audit results report.


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With auditing firms delivering the final auditing report, they do not provide remediation services for many reasons, most of which being conflict of interest. Adsero Security will work closely with your auditing firm to ensure that all required remediation is completed so that you remain aligned with compliance requirements.

Regardless if Adsero is preparing your organization for an upcoming audit or performing remediation tasks after a completed audit, we take on the burden of those efforts so your organization can continue to focus on their day-to-day job duties and responsibilities.