Managed Security
& Compliance - SIEM Monitoring

Bellator SIEM Security Monitoring

Adsero Security’s Managed Security and Compliance is different than any other managed security service provider (MSSP) offering on the market today. While traditional MSSP vendors like to focus solely on the technical aspects of security such as managed firewall, intrusion detection and SIEM, we take a real-world holistic approach to security.

 A company’s weakest security link is always its people and most MSSPs overlook that fact to provide you with only the technical aspects of security. Unfortunately as a result, this leaves you, the customer, with an incomplete security solution.

Our service offering combines the technical safeguards that every MSSP offers but also the operational, governance and ‘soft’ services that other companies often overlook.

Let us build you an all-inclusive managed service that includes components listed below but not limited to:

Security Analytics

Intrusion Detection

Log Data Analysis

File Integrity Monitoring

Vulnerability Detection

Configuration Assessment

Incident Response

Regulatory Compliance

Cloud Security

Container Security

We’ve Got You Covered

Most managed security service providers are traditionally IT services companies, which means they primarily focus on providing IT services. Adsero Security is a security company which enables us to deliver services that focus on security as a holistic approach encompassing technology, process, policy, people and compliance. We call it ‘real-world’ security.