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Let's learn about Security & Compliance! Now sure which way is up or down in the security & compliance world? Whats the difference between Risk Management and Risk Assessment? Look no further. Here you will find security training and educational articles to help you navigate the most common information security and compliance areas.

What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A Security Risk Assessment (or SRA) is an assessment that involves identifying the risks in your company, your technology and your processes to verify that controls are in place to safeguard against security threats. Security risk assessments are typically … [read more]

What is Penetration Testing?

You have probably heard the term Penetration Testing thrown around in security conversations, or seen it listed in a compliance requirements list, but what exactly is a penetration test? The short answer is this: A penetration test… [read more]

What is a SOC Audit?

SOC is an acronym that stands for Service Organization Controls and is an audit of a companies controls that are in place to help ensure the Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy of their customers data… [read more]