Jason’s Deli warns customers of possible data breach

Our job is to make sure you are secure. We solve real-world security issues. This incident occurred recently and is prevalent in today’s society. Read the article below to learn more.

Jason’s Deli is warning customers of a data breach.

The Texas-based deli chain said it was notified on Dec. 22 by “payment processors – the organizations that manage the electronic connections between Jason’s Deli locations and payment card issuers – that MasterCard security personnel had informed it that a large quantity of payment card information had appeared for sale on the “dark web,” and that an analysis of the data indicated that at least a portion of the data may have come from various Jason’s Deli locations.”Read the rest of the article here: http://abc13.com/finance/jasons-deli-warns-customers-of-possible-data-breach/2924229/

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