Adsero Security points to cyber security threats within; Offers IT security techniques to keep your systems safer

What are the security threats lurking within your organization? Discover how to keep your systems safer:

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A 2016 IBM cyber security intelligence report found that 60 percent of all cyber-attacks were related to, or directly the result of, insider activity. Cody Wray, Co-Managing Partner of Tampa FL based Adsero Security, observes that these security breaches often originate from three unique sources within an organization’s known security perimeter.

  • Malicious Insider: This individual has motive to harm. He or she could be a disgruntled employee, one facing workplace discipline or financial difficulties, or an individual using work privileges for personal gain.
  • Negligent Insider: This employee is bypassing company cyber security protocols to be more productive or save time. He or she is careless in securing data or losing credentials, or is falling prey to phishing attacks that can result in security breaches, theft of sensitive data and the introduction of malware into an organization’s IT systems. These individuals often knowingly exceed the organization’s risk tolerance.
  • Third Parties: Subcontractors, vendors, and business partners may all have access to your systems. However, your ability to ensure they adhere to best practices is limited. To maintain your organization’s cyber security standards, all third parties should be treated as a security risk.

“Employees and associates can pose the biggest cyber security threat, whether their actions or intentional or not,” says Wray. “Establishing a culture of security through an employee awareness training program is essential. And, once you have an entity-wide security program in place, an organization must continually evolve with it through ongoing employee training and consistent security program maintenance and updates. Finally, remember that practicing basic cyber hygiene can address or mitigate many security breach attempts.”Click on the link below to enjoy the rest of the article.

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