IT security advice from Adsero makes the news:

IT security advice from Adsero makes the news:

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Organizations that rely on simple security appliances or monitoring services are not getting a complete view of their risk surface and are enjoying a dangerous false sense of security, observes Jason Martino, Co-Managing Partner at Adsero Security.

In addition, cloud computing and mobile, while increasing business agility, have fragmented the traditional security perimeter and further complicated security efforts. According to Martino, reactive security protocols are no longer sufficient. Instead, a proactive security approach is mandatory in today’s severe risk environment.

“Proactively monitoring even low to medium severity events allows for a solution to be developed before they can become a higher severity long-term problem,” says Martino. “Monitoring real-time data over weeks and months to discover threat anomalies affords a holistic, ongoing approach to improve security continuously and build an effective risk management program.

“Most importantly, employee security awareness is key because the security perimeter is not a defined line. It doesn’t stop at the end of the building when you walk out the door because employees can access corporate data from everywhere,” adds Martino. “It follows then that establishing a corporate-wide culture of security is essential.”

Adsero focuses on helping companies establish that culture of compliance by training their employees, helping them determine how to build business processes that are secure and how to document those processes and ingrain them into the company. Adsero ensures that an organization has not just established effective security measures, but that it will institute a proactive program to keep itself secure and improve security measures in future, he explains

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