User Security Awareness Training Must- Haves

In 2020, the FBI reported that phishing was the most common type of cyber attack. Phishing can lead to data breaches and other types of cybercrimes that can be detrimental to an organization. User security awareness training can help reduce the risks of a successful phishing attack. Human error has the largest role in cyber attacks today, so it is crucial to have employees well- equipped with skills on how to identify phishing tactics.

Phishing Campaigns

Oranizations should commit to sending out recurring phishing campaigns. These are simulated emails sent out by the organization to test the users’ knowledge on identifying phishing emails as well as how to report them. The simulated emails should range in categories. Emails from internal departments such as human resources and IT as well as external sources and companies should be used. These emails should also use various phishing methods. For example, one email may have an exciting tone and encourage the user to click a link to “claim their winning prize”. On the other hand, a different email could scare the user by saying their social security number has been breached and they need to take immediate action. These simulated emails should be sent on a cadence agreed on by the security team and results should be monitored and reported on as well. Remediation training should be included when a user opens a phishing email or clicks on a link in the email. 

New Hire and Annual Training

New hire and annual security awareness training should be incorporated into the information security program. These trainings should include presentations on how to identify a phishing email. Other topics that could be included are the importance of using a VPN, how to create a strong password, and secure communication. These trainings should align with both company policies as well as the standards and regulations that the organization adheres to. Incorporating new hire and annual training into an organization can help significantly decrease the risk of a user clicking on a phishing email.

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Continuous security monitoring of your systems is critical to protecting your company and your customers. Ongoing security tasks such as vulnerability management and penetration testing are vital to protecting your networks and applications.

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