SIEMs like you need monitoring!

Organizations currently are dealing with unprecedented times during this pandemic. COVID-19 and its high infection rates are basically single handedly changing how many organizations function. Many organizations were caught off guard by having to switch to a work-from-home model. Based on past trends, and COVID-19 coming to the forefront of organizations, it also has come to the forefront of hackers priority trying to use this event to take advantage of trusting people and organizations that were not ready for this type of event.

So how do organizations prepare for events like this in the future?
Having a SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) solution in place can help your organization be prepared for an increase of attempted attacks and gives you the ability to consume a plethora of data to review and assess event correlation and trending over long periods of time. A SIEM solution is an incredibly powerful set of tools and data collection that can enable your organization to be able to track and easily identify and defend threats to your environment.

SIEM solutions allow you put agents on your endpoints and servers as well as allowing you to connect to cloud applications such as Office 365 for monitoring. These agents allow you to pull log data from all endpoints that have them installed and consume that data while analyzing it using event correlation. A SIEM solution is very important for every company to have in order to monitor their environment for prevention of malicious attacks and security breaches. It allows for consumptiuon of aggreagted data and giving IT teams the ability to perform event correlation across the all aggreagte data consumed from within their environmemnt. This capability along with a well organized, detailed reporting UI provides IT professionals to see this information at a aglace and mitigate any detetced malicious events upon detection.

Along with the SIEM features and functionality, most solutions also include a bundled vulnerability detection module that allows you to pull the detected vulnerabilities data from each endpoint within your environment. Having this capability allows IT teams to view vulnerabilities that may exist on their endpoints through their dashboard UI. Being able to have this data accessible at a glance via a dashboard makes vulnerability management much easier for any IT department. In addition to the dashboard capabilities, alerts can be configured and implemented to notify IT team members when an event or vulnerability is detected within the environment. For example, If you wanted a notification every time someone fails an Office 365 login you can set a alert to go off and send an email and/or text to specific people. Of course, customized alerts can be configured to notify your IT personnel for any tailor-fitted alerting that is needed for your company’s security needs.

At the end of the day having a SIEM solution is extremely vital for any organization and allows IT security personnel to breathe a bit easier knowing their environment is under 24/7/365 monitoring. If you have any questions with regard to SIEM solutions make sure to check out our blog posts and please feel free to ask our online chat representatives any questions about SIEM solutions.

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