The Top Cybersecurity Mistakes Made by Companies

According to research, there has been a push to implement cybersecurity programs in businesses in all sectors. However, several companies are disregarding important aspects of cybersecurity. Having an inadequate cybersecurity program enables attackers to penetrate the company network. This article will highlight the top cybersecurity mistakes made by companies.

Not Understanding Who the Program is Meant to Benefit

Cybersecurity benefits everyone in the company including employees, clients, shareholders, stakeholders, partners, and third- party vendors. Having an efficient cybersecurity program will improve the security of all those involved in the company by securing and monitoring their information.

Having a Lax Password Policy

Allowing employees too much freedom for choosing a password can result in an attacker entering a company system. Password policies should be strong and should include complexity and length requirements.

Using Search and Replace Templates

Policies should be applicable to the business’ assets. Rather than starting from scratch, companies often search for a document template (IT security policy or disaster recovery plan) and make it apply to them. However, having the same template as other companies can pose as a security risk. These templates have the same gaps in them as other companies and attackers may be aware of that.

Not Understanding How the Company Mission Aligns with Security

Many companies introduce a new product or service into the marketplace without considering it’s security flaws. Doing so may leave an open door into your company’s network. Since companies often adjust their business model, it’s important to continuously evaluate security program alignment with where the company is heading. 

Treating Security as a Short Term Goal, Not an Ongoing Process

Cybersecurity does not last forever. It needs to be monitored in real time and updated regularly. Executives tend to exclude security costs in budgets. Many believe that a data breach won’t happen to them. Several times, the cost of recovering data in the event of an attack is much higher than if they invested in preventive measures in the first place. Losing data can also result in customer distrust and compliance issues.

Companies also often neglect security testing. Vulnerability scans and penetration tests should be performed regularly. Patches, softwares, and apps must be kept up to date.

Focusing Too Much on One Area

Companies tend to focus cybersecurity efforts on just the perimeter. They should also take into account insider threats and access control. Companies should not dedicate the bulk of cybersecurity resources toward addressing a single area or deploying a specific technology.

Other Mistakes to Look Out for:

  • Lack of employee awareness
  • Failing to map where data flows and lives
  • Lax email practices
  • Poor system or network administration

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