A full understanding of your network and systems is vital to ensuring security.

Infrastructure Risk Assessment

Infrastructure Risk Assessment interconnected security assetsAn Infrastructure Risk Assessment from Adsero Security includes a comprehensive review of your company’s current security policies, procedures, networks, systems and technology infrastructure to give you a complete understanding of your current IT security risks.

By taking a real-world, holistic approach to strengthening IT and data security, we help you determine actionable steps you can take to reduce your risk. We’ll help you implement an effective remediation plan for the long term that includes policy creation and training.

We offer Infrastructure Risk Assessments to meet a variety of compliance requirement needs such as HIPAA risk assessments, PCI risk assessments, SOC risk assessments & ISO 27001 risk assessments. Our final risk report allows you to review your current risk surface and security posture to assess your company’s remediation needs.


So what exactly is an
Infrastructure Risk Assessment?

An Infrastructure Risk Assessment is a security process that involves identifying risks in your company, technology and processes and verifies that there are controls in place to minimize threats. For example, during the discovery process we identify all databases containing any consumer personal information, an asset. That database is connected to the internet, a vulnerability. In order to protect that asset, you need to have a control in place, in this case it would be a firewall. You have now taken the first step in mitigating risk.

An Infrastructure Risk Assessment identifies all your critical assets, vulnerabilities and controls in your company to ensure that all your risks have been properly mitigated.

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