Municipal Cyber ProtectionSee how Adsero Security can help protect your city.

Is your city prepared for a ransomware cyber attack?

Ransomware attacks can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom and weeks of downtime. Make sure your city is prepared to withstand the threat of a cyber ransomware attack. Adsero Security can help evaluate and prepare your technology and IT staff to withstand the worst malware and ransomware attacks.

We offer a full range of security solutions to fit your municipal size and needs:


  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Security Architecture Reviews
  • Information Security Policy creation
  • IT Security Training
  • Phishing Prevention

In today’s current landscape of malicious attacks and ransomware campaigns against municipalities & city infrastructure, security must be of the utmost priority for municipal IT departments.

Taking the City of Baltimore as an example, security vulnerabilities can very quickly escalate and snowball into a state of panic and potentially irreparable damage. (Baltimore’s current estimated costs now top $18 million for recovery) City managers and IT staff must ensure that their environments are hardened, up-to-date and secured as much as possible to ensure they are proactively taking measures to prevent a breach and/or compromised network/infrastructure.

Don’t wait until its too late! Attacks can happen at any time, and once your data is encrypted or stolen there is no easy way to recover, unless you’re prepared!

Adsero Security can help evaluate and protect your municipal network fast!

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