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Adsero supports cyber security schools; Urges others to help develop IT talent

With the incidence of data breaches increasing daily in the U.S., and all over the world, it’s obvious that we will need to develop creative, smart and savvy, high-tech defenses against these threats for decades to come. Since the cyber hackers and their methods are getting smarter and more conniving every day, we must take decisive actions now to fight back proactively.

One way we can build our defenses against these cyber-attacks is to develop the talent needed to literally man the front lines in this war. That talent – students choosing IT as a career – is now hard at work in universities and colleges across the nation that offer future-focused cybersecurity majors or curriculums.

Among the institutions of higher learning in Florida that are leading the nation in the study of cyber-security offense and defense are Florida State University and the University of Tampa. To help these two top institutions achieve their missions of preparing students for current and future cyber warfare, Adsero Security has made cash donations to both universities’ cybersecurity programs.

We are going on record today as urging other businesses and individuals reading this to provide financial or in-kind support to cybersecurity departments, study initiatives and individual students of the discipline. These gifts and other support will help our nation to build an intellectual bulwark that will protect the consumer, corporate, healthcare, academic, and business data from cyber hackers in the future. We hope you’ll join us in giving to this worthwhile cause that will make a difference in all our lives for decades to come.

New Release: Complimentary IT Vulnerability Scans Offered

As business risks increase, Adsero Security offers complimentary IT vulnerability scans

Did you know that “As business risks increase, Adsero Security offers complimentary IT vulnerability scans” ? Check out our article feature on the Tampa Bay Newswire:

TAMPA, FL – As a service to IT teams at large firms seeking to strengthen their data security protocols in a business environment becoming riskier by the day, Adsero Security announces complimentary external vulnerability scans of internet-facing corporate networks, including up to four external domains or IP addresses.
The offer is in response to proof of increased computer-driven cyber-attacks on U.S. firms identified by Adsero’s intercept tracking technologies at its Tampa headquarters.
“In our combined 40 years of experience in IT security, we haven’t seen anything like this before. The hackers’ computers continue the pressure constantly, day and night, until they find a weakness and work their way in,” said Jason Martino, Co-Managing Partner at Adsero Security. “As our systems monitor the alarming level of inbound penetration attempts from all corners of the world, and display them on our wall monitors, the trajectories look almost like hundreds of inbound ICBMs at the start of a nuclear war.”
Adsero Security specializes in preparing large firms for data security audits such as the SOC 1 and 2, HIPAA, PCI, ISO/IEC and others, assisting them in addressing deficiencies identified in the audits, writing IT compliance policies, and then implementing ongoing managed security.


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